Who is ACME Marketing?

ACME Marketing is an evidence-based marketing and UX strategy firm on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Principal consultant, Rob Parker, is a data-driven marketing, design and user experience executive with 20+ years experience. Rob is a unique mix of marketing strategist, UX architect, designer, researcher, data analyst, writer, usability expert and perceiver of human habits and psychology. He combines user and market research with data analysis and his experience as a designer and content writer to make recommendations and design software and websites that people love to use.

Rob has helped many organizations such as TELUS, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, BC Lottery Commission and the City of Vancouver to establish and improve online marketing presences and campaigns. He has designed online loyalty and referral marketing programs that have been implemented by Fortune 100 companies and used by well over 6 million consumers. He also works with small to medium size business, as well as not-for-profits, NGOs and arts organizations, incorporating enterprise online marketing and software development best practices and techniques in appropriate and affordable ways. Rob’s core belief is that a successful online experience begins and ends with the user and that data is a key ingredient to determining the path to success.

Rob has studied design at the University of Victoria, user experience strategy with the Nielsen Norman Group, and Pragmatic Marketing, and is a member of the Product Management Association of BC.


In the 20th century, the telephone directory was one of the most common tools consumers would use to find businesses in their area. Because the directories were in alphabetical order, many businesses used “ACME” in their name to be listed as close to the beginning of the directory as possible. This made use of the word ACME one of the first methods of search optimization for marketing.

Also, ACME always had the coolest and most random products for Wile E. Coyote, so what’s not to love about the name?