Email marketing

Gone are the days when email marketing was an acceptable first contact with a prospective customer. New anti-spam laws, such as CASL in Canada, strictly limit whom you can contact via email with marketing messages, making it mostly a vehicle to keep in contact with existing customers. That said, broadcasting regular emails as well as targeting specific segments of your customer base can be a great way to stimulate cross selling and upselling opportunities, as well as providing valuable content and increasing customer loyalty.

We can help you by:

  • 01

    Recommending the best email platform for your business

  • 02

    Creating an email marketing plan and schedule

  • 03

    Producing email content creation and design

  • 04

    Designing email templates optimized for computers and mobile devices

  • 05

    Building landing pages to help you achieve recognizable goals from your email campaigns and track traffic and clicks

  • 06

    Cross platform email testing