Rob Parker, principal of ACME Marketing, is an engaging presenter and keynote speaker with 20 years experience as a marketer, designer, creative director, and product leader. He speaks on a number of topics from productization and service design, to marketing communications and storytelling, and online security and technology for seniors.

Scaling Business Growth Through Productization

Every successful startup suffers growth pains. What worked to build a small service or solutions company with a couple of key employees and a handful of loyal clients doesn’t necessarily spell success for a larger company. So, how do you scale a B2B service or solutions business to support more customers, more employees, and a larger salesforce?

In this session, Rob Parker of ACME Marketing will talk about the tools and steps it takes to transform your business concept into a scalable, repeatable, and “productized” solution. Rob will help you understand how to standardize your product and marketing to support a growing salesforce and customer base.

We’ll discuss how to:

  • Analyze your product and service offering for strengths and weaknesses,
  • Conduct market research to identify your addressable market,
  • Position your company for success in the market landscape,
  • Standardize your product features, services, pricing, training, and support into scalable and repeatable components,
  • And develop sales tools and training to support a professional, distributed salesforce.
Find your voice: How to refresh your marketing messaging to expand your market and motivate your customers

If you have a small business, chances are you spend a considerable amount of time and money on marketing. But how do you know the message you are delivering to your audience will end up with the best results? Getting the most out of your marketing budget requires knowing who your ideal customer is, what they need in relation to what you have to offer, and what kinds of language will motivate them to act.

Rob Parker of ACME Marketing will talk about optimizing your online and offline marketing messaging to appeal to your customers and motivate them to act. Topics will include

  • Research: Time to dump the assumptions and get a fresh look at your business
  • Positioning: What is your value proposition and where do you sit in the market landscape?
  • Business Goals: Your business may have changed, but have you changed how you talk about it?
  • Picking a voice and style for your writing
  • Developing your messaging for multiple channels, like social media, website, email marketing, and video

To book Rob for your event, email info@acmemarketing.net
or call 250-650-8787.