Website optimization

Not getting enough website visitors, onsite sales, or conversions? Don’t throw out your whole website just yet. We will rewrite your website content and create awesome new graphics that will engage your audience and help turn them into loyal customers and advocates.

Here’s what people are saying about our website optimization services:

“Wow. There is a lot more to this than I ever imagined. I am feeling happy that I asked for your help. There is hope for us to be found one day!” – Dr. Fred Meinzer, Evolution Wellness Centres, Vancouver, Canada

“As a small business owner, it was overwhelming knowing where to begin and who I could trust, but Rob helped put my concerns to the side as we efficiently moved through a discussion of my business needs, goals and timelines and how we could achieve this for my business website. Rob exceeded all my expectations, and I would recommend him to any small business owner.” – Dr. Jeff Berkshire, DVM, MSc. Owner, Lifting Stars Pet Homecare, Vancouver, Canada


Here are some specific things we can do to improve the content on your site:

  • 01

    Make sure the content is accessible to your target audience. Once we understand who your target is, we can tailor your content to their needs.

  • 02

    Clearly define your goals for your website (such as making a purchase, downloading a whitepaper, or playing a video) and create calls to action that reflect those goals.

  • 03

    Improve your website navigation and layout to make content easier to find and read.
    Create graphics that can clearly communicate difficult concepts or processes.

  • 04

    We’ll write copy optimized for reading on a computer or mobile device or even redesign your website for easy viewing on mobile devices.